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GWL ice cream Shack

"Turning ice cream into sweet memories"


About Our Business

We are a small town ice cream stand nestled in the Village of Greenwood Lake, NY serving ice cream, savory snacks and sweet treats.  Stop by have an ice cream cone and relax or play a game of corn hole.  There is always ample parking and seating.

  Our ice cream of choice is Hershey's, with over 100 years of experience, Hersh​ey's® Ice Cream has le​arned how to make top quality, REAL ice cream. Hershey's uses less air than other ice cream companies, producing a richer and better tasting ice cream! They also use the best ingredients from fresh cream to fresh fruits and nuts.

The end result is a better tasting treat for you.  Most of our ice cream flavors are GLUTEN free!

"Best seat in the house"

Our goal was to provide a place where you could actually go and  want to stay awhile! 

"Making the best of the experience"

We are not just an ice cream stand we are an experience!   Stop by have an ice cream cone , savory snack or sweet treat as you relax or play a game of corn hole!  There is always ample parking and seating. 

"Sun shy and prefer to sit in the shade"

Enjoy playing a game of tic tac toe under our shaded arbor while you  enjoy one of our daily specials! 

Hours of operation

Monday         Closed for the season 

Tuesday         Closed  for the season 

Wednesday  Closed for the season 

Thursday        Closed for the season 

Friday              Closed for the season 

Saturday        Closed for the season 

Sunday            Closed for the season 

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Upcoming Events